Vincent House’s value and impact

The Clubhouse experience is a proven cost-effective solution for the improvement of social and vocational skills

Our community Clubhouses have helped over 1225 adults living with mental illness, and we add over 100 new members every year.

We strive to create opportunities for friendship, employment, housing and education in a single caring and safe environment.

Journey to Wellness

Our Program

Providing a safe place to gather
Creating a community where you are wanted, needed and valued
Restoring hope and independence
Restoring routine and purpose in one’s life
Empowering one’s self-esteem and self-confidence
Ending social discrimination of those living with mental illness
Improving vocational and social skills in preparation for pursuing gainful employment and independent living
Celebrating, developing, and maintaining healthy lifestyles

How Our Members Feel About Themselves*

95% feel part of a supported community
91% improved their self-confidence
89% feel needed and valued at the Clubhouse
88% are more hopeful about their future
88% experienced improved relationships with others
88% have improved their quality of life
71% have not needed a visit to a hospital or crisis unit
70% feel more confident about working a job outside of Clubhouse
Responses from the 2023 Clubhouse Member Survey

Additional information about the research and benefits of the Clubhouse Model can be found on the Clubhouse International website:

Our Impact and Value

Over 1,225 members
Over 672 members employed
Over 100 new members each year
Over 70 members daily across our clubhouses
Over 20 years of helping those living with mental illness
3 Clubhouses serving 3 different counties
Our members have collectively earned over 7.5 Million working transitional, supportive and independent jobs in the community

Information about the cost-effectiveness of the Clubhouse Model can be found on the Clubhouse International website:

The Vincent House Difference

The impact that friendship, education and employment creates


Increase in long-term employment

and less reliance on public benefits


Decrease in rates of hospitalization

and incarceration


Double the employment rates

compared to the public mental health system


Lifetime Vincent House members

Over 70 daily Vincent House members

Saving lives and ensuring we have healthy communities

“Because of Vincent House, I have learned my value, the only person I have to please is myself.
Vincent House is special to me because I see people like me here and seeing these similar people has made feel like I can come here free of judgment.”
Summer T.

Our Need Here in Florida

Those living with a serious mental illness in your community


in the nation

Florida ranks 49th in the nation for access to mental health care


not working

Adults with a serious mental illness

1 in 6


Have a mental health condition

1 in 6


Live with a serious mental illness

Employment partners include

Pimellas Park Chamber of Commerce logo. Includes the saying "Uniting Businesses for a Stronger Community"
Office of the Public Defender logo
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digigone logo
Pasco County Housing Authority logo
Suncoast Center, Inc logo
Diections for Living logo

Awards and recognition

Clubhouse International Accredited
Bank of America Neighborhood Builders logo
Lllly Reintegration logo
Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize

Ready to Get Your Life Back?

Discover friendship, purpose and community

1 Start with a tour

See if the Vincent House is a good fit. Start by scheduling a tour of one of our locations.

See the facility, meet members, talk to the staff, and discuss what our program can offer.

2 Become a member

If an invitation to membership is offered, a application and eligibility requirements will need to be completed and confirmed.

Membership is voluntary and for life; and there is no cost.

3 Gain skills to change your life

Find a place where you are wanted, needed and valued.

Work side-by-side with the Vincent House staff. We’re here to help members build skills to find and keep employment, return to school, locate stable housing, and much more.

Your generosity will allow us to help more adults living with mental illness

Vincent House has served over 1,225 members, but more need your help.

In Florida, over half of adults with a mental illness are going untreated.

Your donation will help us to fulfill the needs of those in your community who are facing daily challenges with mental health.

The myths that generate negative stigma around mental illness, and the lack of funding, stand in the way of the life saving help many people need.

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