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“Hello everyone! I want to share my experience at Vincent House with you all. When I first started at VH, I was apprehensive. New places, new faces, and new tasks fed my anxieties. As time rolled by, however, my fears fell away. The VH staff really cares about its members. They are patient, respectful, and dedicated. Staff and members work as a team to help each other. There are different departments to explore here at Vincent House. They are Communications, Career Development, and Culinary arts departments to learn from. I chose communications because enjoy writing and entering data into databases. Both members and staff unite to form a concerted effort of excellence in which all of us can share. Thanks VH!”
Dawn A.
Member Since 2021

“Hi my name is Ed Dyer. I have been a member since August 2010. I really enjoy coming here. It’s my happy place. Why you ask, Vincent House have help me get my life back in order. I made so many friends that don’t judge me. You can find me in all the teams doing different tasks. They helped me find some jobs. I worked TE at the Public Defenders, I worked as mail clerk. I loved doing the job. Now I work at Natures Food Patch. I am a prep cook in food service department. Again, thanks for being here for me and other members.”
Ed D.
Member Since 2010

“My experience at Vincent House has been wonderful and has lifted a lot of my depression. I would be stuck at home on my laptop all day if not for this place. I tend to isolate myself a lot which has been nothing but detrimental to my overall wellbeing. So I can say with certainty that VH is a godsend. I’m not lonely at all when I come here, and I’ve made new friends in the process. Everyone here is very sweet and friendly. This is my second home and everyone here is my second family. Words alone cannot express how truly grateful I am for this community, but for now I can say … thank you for being my safe haven. I love each and every one of you. Let’s all strive for a better tomorrow, joined as one.”
Katie C.
Member Since 2019

“My experience at Vincent House has been one of progress. By progress I mean that over my period of time here at Vincent House my attitude has been evolving slowly into something more than it was. The way I see members and staff is changing also. I now have family, friends, and support I never had before. I am learning to be a better friend to members and staff as well as a better worker, both at the Vincent House and on the job. I am trying to have a personality in me that I can someday say is really me. I have committed myself to Culinary with dreams about a future in food. I like that dream. I am able to show my love in different ways to different people. It is not so heavy and serious like before. I also know that I go very little without the support I find here.”
Mike T.
Member Since 2005

“Being at Vincent House is wonderful, I volunteer 2 days a week after I finish working at the Public Defender’s Office. When I arrive at the Vincent House, the members greet me and they are all welcoming and it makes me smile. Being a part of the communications team is good, I like to do the data entry tasks like creating social media posts, entering in the attendance, making cards for the members and other clerical tasks that the leaders ask me to do, it keeps me busy. At Vincent House on the communications team I also help organize and decorate the Daily Sunflower by designing the background and entering in the events, birthdays and other parts of the sunflower. Decorating the sunflower helps me be creative and doing the other tasks keeps me busy and allows me to be productive.”
Telishia S.

“Vincent House has given me so much in my 11 years of membership! At Vincent House I was made to feel cared for, needed and wanted, I developed confidence and learned to how to conduct myself. I learned how to make friends. I was given the opportunity to use my talents, and to develop new ones. I am no longer alone, but part of a loving community. I now have meaningful work, a social life, and a place to belong. Best of all, at 67 I have a future not just a past. Thank you, Vincent House! ”
Rena M.

“I have been a Vincent House member since 2013. Vincent House has helped me tremendously in many different ways. It has helped me with social skills, job placement, and encourages me to be my best self. Vincent House members and staff really encourage me all the time to better myself and I really look up to everyone here. Its like a giant family. They want nothing for me but to succeed in all that I do. I struggle with my self esteem and even though I’m not perfect, Vincent House helps me and has transformed me into a person that wants to see results. Vincent House has helped me overcome many barriers in my life. Vincent House has helped me see the beauty in life and to realize that I can succeed in all that I do.”
Scott S.
Member since 2013

“I like being a member at Vincent house because it gives me a reason to get out of bed. Once I get to Vincent House, it was all worth it. Because of Vincent House, I have learned my value, the only person I have to please is myself. Back in the day, I thought I could only fly with wings. Vincent House has showed me I do not need wings to help me fly, all I have to do is believe in myself. Vincent House is special to me because I see people like me here and seeing these similar people has made feel like I can come here free of judgement.”
Summer T.

“Hi, my name is Patrick. I have been a member of Vincent House Hernando for five years. Before coming to Vincent House I stayed to myself and I never felt like I could ever find a job. I did not think I could ever make any friends and socialize in the right manner. I believe that becoming a member of Vincent House has given me a fresh start by allowing me to meet new people and gain my confidence in having friends. Vincent House has helped me learn new skills; now I feel proud of myself. Participating in the work-ordered day at Vincent House has helped me learn a lot of new skills, especially in the culinary unit and the business unit. Working side-by-side with members and staff has helped me gain more confidence and more self-esteem. I’m thankful for Vincent House and the people I have met there.”
Patrick C.

“Vincent House has helped me by getting out of the house and coming here two days a week. I’ve been learning new skills on the computer and learning how to do cleaning tasks at Vincent House. The staff and members here at Vincent House are very supportive and we help each other out the best way we can. As I continue to come to Vincent House, I’m going to learn new and different skills.”
Delaney H.

“My name is James Delach. I have been a member of Vincent House for almost six years. I became a member in June of 2017. Before coming to Vincent House, I quit a job at a fast-food restaurant that I worked at for 10 years. And with nothing lined up, my life became boring. I believe that becoming a member of Vincent House has given me a fresh start. It gave me a purpose to get up early and attend practically every day. In six years, Vincent House has helped me get a place of my own to live and I have successfully maintained an apartment for four years. They also encouraged me to go back to school and work on getting a degree and hopefully be able to get a job that involves handling money. I’m so glad that Vincent House has been a part of my life.”
James D.

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