What we do…

At Vincent House we follow the philosophy of the Clubhouse Model which is an evidence based practice that started at Fountain House in New York City in the late 40’s.

The Clubhouse Model is built upon the belief that all members can recover from mental illness and lead successful and meaningful lives in the community. Clubhouses are a restorative community that believe in the power of work and relationship building as an integral part of ones recovery.

Vincent House is intentionally organized to help our members develop the skills needed to be successful in their recovery. We do this through the Work Ordered Day, which parallels typical working hours, giving members the opportunity to work side by side with the staff in the overall operation of the Clubhouse.

Members have the opportunity to work in any of our units on the daily work, called unit work. This work is necessary to operate the Clubhouse and is transformative in nature. When a member volunteers their time working in one of our units, it allows them to build the skills needed in every day life.

Vincent House helps its members return to school and paid work through our Career Development program. Our Community Relations team helps members locate stable housing and other community services. The Culinary Arts team not only provides daily meals for our membership, but does so while teaching the importance of total wellness.

We offer our members a unique opportunity to meet their goals at their own pace, while most importantly, maintaining strong and meaningful relationships that believe in and promote HOPE.

Vincent House is committed to helping all of our members. Check out our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Policy here. Check out our HIPPA Policy here.