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Get Your Life Back

Find recovery through meaningful activity and employment

Are you looking for a community of hope? Vincent House is a safe place that offers adults living with mental illness hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Vincent House is here to help individuals with a mental illness return to work with dignity by providing a recovery through work program.

Our program is flexible depending on your needs. 

Note: Prospective members must have a severe or persistent mental health diagnosis, and are typically referred to Vincent House by a clinician or other mental health resource

1. Get started with a tour

The path to becoming a member of Vincent House starts with a visit to one of our beautiful locations.

See the facility, meet members, talk to the staff, and discuss what our program can offer.

At the end of the tour, prospective members will meet with the Clubhouse Director. Prospective members will be able to talk through why they are interested in becoming a member, and learn more about what Clubhouse has to offer.

If both parties agree Vincent House is a good fit, the prospective member leaves with an eligibility form and application for membership.

2. Our application process

The eligibility form and application for membership needs to be completed by the prospective member and their referring mental health professional.

When the membership application is completed, and eligibility requirements are satisfied (i.e.: diagnosis is confirmed and signed by mental health professional), that prospective member is offered an invitation to membership.

Upon acceptance of membership, an orientation day is scheduled with the new member to welcome them, and help them have a successful transition into their Clubhouse.

3. Gain skills to change your life

Membership is voluntary and for life. The saying “once a member, always a member” holds true for all Clubhouses.

Members and staff work side by side as colleagues to perform the work that is important to their community. Instead of traditional talk therapy, members and staff share responsibility for running every aspect of the Clubhouse.

The benefits our members experience with the daily work at their Clubhouse includes cooking meals, administration, job search and event planning, and we also provide structured and non-structured social activities.

4. Find your place through socialization, meaningful activity and work

Find a place where you are wanted, needed and valued.

Work side by side with the Vincent House staff. Gain real world employment skills. Get help obtaining employment, returning to school, or locating stable housing, and more.

Vincent House improves social and vocational skills – and unlocks talents and abilities of those living with mental illnesses.

We do this through our commitment to creating a structured environment of empathy, friendship, trust, safety and opportunity.

Members are encouraged, supported and celebrated as they regain their confidence, independence, and their potential to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Because of Vincent House, I have learned my value, the only person I have to please is myself.
Vincent House is special to me because I see people like me here and seeing these similar people has made feel like I can come here free of judgment.”
Summer T.

Ready to Get Your Life Back?

Discover friendship, purpose and community

1 Start with a tour

See if the Vincent House is a good fit. Start by scheduling a tour of one of our locations.

See the facility, meet members, talk to the staff, and discuss what our program can offer.

2 Become a member

If an invitation to membership is offered, a application and eligibility requirements will need to be completed and confirmed.

Membership is voluntary and for life; and there is no cost.

3 Gain skills to change your life

Find a place where you are wanted, needed and valued.

Work side-by-side with the Vincent House staff. We’re here to help members build skills to find and keep employment, return to school, locate stable housing, and much more.

We Know What You Are Struggling With and We Can Help

Vincent House social and vocational skills training

A proven evidence-based approach to realizing your potential and regaining self confidence

Saving lives since 2003

Helped over 1,225 members change their lives

Accredited and recognized for our commitment to our communities

Employment partners include

Awards and recognition

Our Need Here in Florida

Those living with a serious mental illness in your community


in the nation

Florida ranks 49th in the nation for access to mental health care


not working

Adults with a serious mental illness

1 in 6


Have a mental health condition

1 in 6


Live with a serious mental illness

The Vincent House Difference

The impact that friendship, education and employment creates


Increase in long-term employment

and less reliance on public benefits


Decrease in rates of hospitalization

and incarceration


Double the employment rates

compared to the public mental health system


Lifetime Vincent House members

Over 70 daily Vincent House members

Saving lives and ensuring we have healthy communities

Your generosity will allow us to help more adults living with mental illness

Vincent House has served over 1,225 members, but more need your help.

In Florida, over half of adults with a mental illness are going untreated.

Your donation will help us to fulfill the needs of those in your community who are facing daily challenges with mental health.

The myths that generate negative stigma around mental illness, and the lack of funding, stand in the way of the life saving help many people need.

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