Recovery Through Work

A Holistic Approach

Vincent House offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to transforming lives. We call it Recovery through Work. Members and staff work side-by-side in the wide range of tasks necessary to keep Vincent House operating on a daily basis. The work-structured day at Vincent House parallels a typical workday, providing members with opportunities to build self-esteem, stamina and confidence, learn new skills, and ultimately restore meaning to their lives.

Teamwork: Vincent House members and staff celebrate employment at SirataPartnerships

Vincent House is not an island. We’ve discovered that our success is based on collaboration with a wide range of community partners, family members, area professionals, local businesses, civic leaders and our own Board of Directors. The expertise, assistance, financial supports, and employment opportunities provided by our partners ensure the future of Vincent House.

Our Workday

The work at Vincent House is carried out within three work teams. Each Vincent House member chooses a team with whom to work, depending on personal interests and abilities. Teams meet daily at 9:15am and 1:15pm to organize their work for the mornings and afternoons, respectively. Members voluntarily participate in the tasks of their choice.
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Paid Employment

Through a step-by-step process, interested members are prepared for integrating the world of work outside of Vincent House. Employment is a right of membership, and is determined by each member’s desire to attain or return to paid employment. Vincent House offers a variety of part-time employment opportunities under the umbrella of Transitional Employment. These are time-limited jobs with local business partners. In addition, Vincent House assists members in acquiring permanent part-time or full-time positions through our Career and Learning Center. Currently Vincent House members are earning over $600,000 annually in paid, competitive employment. To learn more about these employment supports, please follow the links below.