Vincent House is a place where members can be themselves and feel accepted. Relationships are built through the shared experiences of work, education and socialization. In addition, we support members who may be ill, hospitalized or isolating at home through outreach calls, cards and visits.

Rebecca creating our daily lunch menuMeaningful Work

Vincent House promotes Recovery through Work. Members work side-by-side with staff, and are valued for their abilities, interests and unique contributions. Our workday parallels a typical, 8am to 4pm workplace. Through this involvement, members have the opportunity to build stamina, regain their confidence and acquire new skills.

Educational Pursuits

Educational pursuits are an important step in fulfilling one’s dreams and obtaining a career. Vincent House offers individual tutoring four days per week, providing a personalized approach to academic, computer and budgeting needs. Educational goals can include competency with Microsoft Office, attaining a GED, enrolling in college or vocational school, or finishing an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Healthy Lifestyles

A healthy lifestyle is an essential component to overall wellness. At Vincent House, members have the opportunity to enjoy nutritious and balanced meals, including daily vegetarian and salad meal alternatives. Wellness walks are held weekly and members are encouraged to exercise regularly.

Young Adults

Vincent House welcomes and values the participation of young adults who experience mental health issues.  We support our young adults in becoming active contributors at Vincent House as part of their journey transitioning from school to the workplace.

Paid EmploymentDave French working the Towel Hut at the Sirata Beach Resort

The pursuit of paid employment is a right of membership. Through our Career and Learning Center, Vincent House offers a step-wise approach to job success that includes assistance with: resume development, interview skills, applications, job training, income reporting and benefits planning.

Financial Stability

The Vincent House Community Relations Team operates a full-service bank for deposits, withdrawals, check cashing and money orders, with no transaction fees charged. Members can receive support in developing and managing budgets through our in-house bank and the support of a financial advisor.

Evening, Weekend and Holiday Events

Members and their families are invited to join our community for social events that include: dinners every Wednesday evening, holiday meals on every major holiday and Saturday outings as scheduled. These are times for our community members to celebrate accomplishments, relax and get to know one another, outside of the demands of the workday.