Community Relations Team

As a bridge to our community partners, the Community Relations Team consists of both members and staff, and is responsible for all aspects of public relations:


Representing Vincent House at networking meetings and fairs, as well as civic, faith-based and social service events, members have the opportunity to develop public speaking skills while offering testimony that recovery from serious mental illnesses is possible.

Larry and Jeff at the front deskBanking

Vincent House operates the Leisure Bank where members learn accounting, budgeting, money management and customer service.  Members can also open a personal savings account and learn to manage their own finances.

Customer Service

Members build their customer service skills by greeting guests at our front desk, managing phone reception, and coordinating tours for applicants and visitors.

Research and Statistics

Members and staff alike assume responsibility for tracking and presenting financial, employment and membership statistics to the Vincent House community.  Members have the opportunity to hone their analytical skills (using Microsoft Excel and the Vincent House Database) and presentation skills (using PowerPoint and Prezi).

Retail Sales

In our Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop, members develop skills in merchandising:  pricing, inventory control, and retail sales of clothing and small housewares.

Social MediaBrian Howe, updating our Month that Was display

Members learn the use of technology in public relations by helping us become visible on Facebook and Twitter.