Arts and Communications Team

Graphic Arts Department

The Arts and Communications team is home to our Graphic Arts Department. Members and staff work side-by-side on shooting and editing video, and designing our newsletters and flyers.  Members have the chance to develop their skills in the latest graphics software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe Premier. Members also gain experience in website construction using WordPress.

The Arts & Communications Team filming the Vincent House news broadcast

Computer Based Skills

Through their participation in the Arts and Communications Team, members take advantage of opportunities to strengthen and develop a variety of computer-based skills. Members can improve their writing skills and become competent with Microsoft Office and the Vincent House database.

Projects Abound

The Arts and Communications Team keeps the Vincent House community connected and updated through a variety of print and media projects including: the “Daily Sunflower,” “News at Noon” and “Starry Night Gazette” newsletters; attendance and other data entry; media projects; and management of the Vincent House website and social media platforms.