What Families can Expect

The Integration Process

The first weeks of participation at Vincent House are both exciting and overwhelming for a new member.   We ask our family members to support their loved ones in adapting to our community.  These first few days can be filled with ups and downs while new members get to know dozens of new faces and learn to integrate into our structured workday.

Collaboration with Mental Health Services

As a center for wellness and recovery, Vincent House provides a vital service that complements traditional medical models of care.  We do not replace the need for psychiatric services or medication management.  Rather, Vincent House members are expected to comply with prescribed medications, psychiatric appointments, and counseling services with area medical providers.


With the permission of the new member, Vincent House maintains open communication with family members, especially during the adaptation process.  Family members have the chance to meet and talk with the professional staff involved with the rehabilitation of their loved one.

 A Journey to Wellness

Recovery is a process that does not happen overnight.  Rather, it’s a journey that requires persistence, courage and stamina.  But above all, it requires HOPE that better days are ahead.  Vincent House members rediscover dreams and aspirations, while embarking on a journey of wellness.  This journey may lead to a range of destinations including educational achievements, paid employment or community service.