Welcome to Families

Founded on Family Values

As a grassroots effort of two parents, Dianne and Elliott Steele, Vincent House was established, and remains committed to involving family members in their loved ones’ recovery process.  Spouses, brothers and sisters, grown children and other family members all play an important role in supporting recovery and reintegration.

Refreshingly Open

It’s not uncommon to see a family member walk through our halls, share a meal with their loved one, or stop by just to say “hello.”  Unlike traditional treatment centers that often restrict family access, Vincent House has an open door policy for family members and loved ones.   Family members and loved ones are invited to Vincent House functions, meals and holiday events.

Finding Community

Our families discover that they are no longer alone in the process of supporting a loved one in recovery, for the opportunity to meet other Vincent House family members and to develop a support network is a fundamental part of recovery.