Family Voices

Margie and Kenny Eash

Our society defines us by our job….After we received a diagnosis and found the right medication for our son, the recovery process began. I took a Family-to-Family class through NAMI. It’s a twelve-week course and well worth your time. The class gave me a wealth of information and advice. Be positive, kind, understanding and patient. Let the individual take small steps at their pace, and, as they do, praise and encourage. It was through this class I heard about Vincent House.  My son decided to join Vincent House when he was ready to take the next step with his recovery.  I am very glad he did. He is experiencing all the above advice each day he walks through the front door.  He is once again making new friends and learning to trust people. If he starts to have a bad day, someone is there to help.  He is learning new vocational skills missed during the young adult years. When the staff thinks a member is ready for a supported job, they guide them through the process. I admire our son’s perseverance and I admire each of the dedicated, talented, wonderful staff that works so hard to make Vincent House a treasure.  Now, when someone asks our son what he does for a living, his response has become…… I work at Vincent House!