Our Values

Values Inspire

Vincent House is based on the firm belief that recovery from mental illness is possible. The strength of our community lies with our culture and values, rather than on rules and regulations.


A spirit of hopefulness abounds at Vincent House. Recovery is possible. The opportunities of community, education, friendship and employment are the promise for a brighter future.

Respect and Dignity

Vincent House members, staff, families and visitors are treated with respect and dignity. Our participants are referred to as members rather than “patients” or “clients”. Vincent House members are valued for their humanness, which includes contributions of their talents, skills and hard work.


At Vincent House, we honor the uniqueness of each person – and we believe everyone has the right to be him or herself. In our stigma-free environment, we embrace diverse thoughts, beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures.


Unlike traditional treatment centers that focus on symptoms and disability, Vincent House believes in the healing power of community and work. We believe everyone has the right to engage in meaningful work, and that this involvement serves as a path towards recovery for individuals living with a mental illness.